Plan Your Best Year Ever!

This 15 page workbook provides all of the essential steps you need to plan and prepare for your best year ever!  

The Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Review and Celebrate the Past 12 Months
    • Exercise: Then and Now List
    • Exercise: Create a Business Diary
    • Exercise: Create a “Yay Me” File
  • Understanding Your ‘Why’
    • Exercise: Understanding Your ‘Why’
  • Your Business Vision
    • Exercise: Short and Long-Term Business and Life Vision
  • Goal Setting
    • Exercise: Goal Setting
  • Breaking it Down: Your Year at a Glance
    • Exercise: Breaking Down Your Goals
  • Create Do-Able Tasks
    • Exercise: Create Do-Able Tasks
  • Resources You Need
    • Checklist: Resources You Need
  • Accountability & Support
    • Exercise: List the Support You Need
  • A Living Document
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